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Understanding Structured Settlements: An Overview

Structured settlements offer a unique financial solution for individuals who have won a personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation lawsuit. This option allows claimants to receive their settlement in a series of periodic, income tax-free payments instead of a single lump sum. But what makes structured settlements an attractive choice for many, and who stands to benefit the most from them?

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What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is an annuity that disburses payments to the claimant over a set period of time. This financial arrangement is particularly suited for cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation. The payments from a structured settlement are exempt from federal and state income taxes, if qualified under Section 104(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. That can provide a significant tax advantage.

Tax Advantages

The most immediate benefit of a structured settlement is its tax efficiency. The interest earned can be completely tax-free, providing a clear edge over other investment options where returns might be taxable.

Guaranteed Rate of Return

Market fluctuations can be a source of anxiety for anyone relying on investments for income. Structured settlements offer a guaranteed, fixed rate of return, safeguarding your financial future against the volatility of the market.

Guaranteed Income

For those seeking stability, structured settlements provide guaranteed income over a long term, including options for lifetime guarantees, thus addressing concerns about outliving one’s resources.


Protection from Creditors

Most state have enacted laws that provide safeguards for structured settlement annuities from creditors. States like Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California have laws providing strong protections for structured settlement payments. These protections generally ensure that creditors cannot easily access your funds to settle debts.

Ideal Candidates for Structured Settlements

Structured settlements can be particularly beneficial for

Catastrophically Injured Individuals

Offering a steady monthly income, structured settlements ensure that individuals who have suffered significant injuries have the financial support they need for ongoing care.

Disabled Individuals

Those unable to earn an income due to disabilities can benefit from the supplemental income a structured settlement provides.

Minor Children

They can provide for future needs like college expenses or major life events without the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a guardianship.


Families Affected by Wrongful Death

For families that have lost a breadwinner, structured settlements can provide a steady income to help cover living expenses.

Structured Settlement Payment Options

Protecting your family from unforeseen events is a cornerstone of our services. From life insurance to long-term care planning, we ensure that you have the right coverage to secure your family’s financial future.

Monthly Payments

Acting as a steady stream of income, these can be for a set period or for life.

Lump-Sum Payments

Designed for significant life events, such as purchasing a home or funding a college education.

Deferred Payments

Aimed at supplementing retirement income or earmarked for future needs like a child’s education.

How Vestisure Can Help Your Family

At Vestisure, we’re dedicated to supporting families in all aspects of their financial journey. By partnering with us, you ensure that your family’s financial plan is as dynamic and multifaceted as your family itself. Let us help you build a legacy of wealth and values that will support your loved ones for generations to come.